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Hello! Welcome to Craft Square,

My name is Aga and I am behind the Craft Square.

I am a young and energetic person who loves to make handmade crafts in my free time. In Craft Square, I would like to present to You my own way of decorating apartments and homes, especially by unique and originals planters.

The idea for hand-painted planters came from a simple need – to decorate the window sills in my new apartment. Playing with paint and creating more and more new patterns completely absorbed me. The first crafts were met with great enthusiasm from friends. They encouraged me to share art with others, and I have decided to turn my hobby into work. Now I am creating for you in the small apartment studio. Except planters, in the Webshop, you can also find macramé articles and eco-friendly shopping bags. Everyone will find something for himself 😀 

I create works straight from the heart – as the artist’s soul dictates. I always try to take care of every detail. In my works, I use the best fabrics and semi-products, tested by our relatives and friends. I also know that creativity is limitless, so if you have your idea – write to me and I will do my best to make your dreams come true!

As I am at the beginning of the journey, I hope that due to your support I will be able to continue it and develop. My mind is full of ideas, so you can expect news!

Craft Square

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