Planter or pot cover?

Many people have a problem with this question, and the answer is not so obvious. Although these products look almost the same, we sometimes use the names incorrectly, their purpose is fundamentally different. Below we suggest what are the differences between a planter and a pot cover, and which one is the better choice for plants.

The basic vessel for growing and planting plants is a planter, sometimes called also plant pot. Hollowing a hole in the bottom allows excess water to drain onto the tray and brings air to the roots. Currently on the market there is a huge selection of pots in various shapes, sizes, colors, as well as various materials, the most popular of which are clay, ceramics, concrete and plastic. Plant pots are used mainly by plants that require more careful care, they are also used for the cultivation of certain garden plants that need to be moved during wintering inside the home.

The pot cover, flower cover or flower pot cover, however, does not have a drainage hole and does not connect to the bases. It is not recommended to plant plants directly in them, especially those that require intensive watering, but plants like succulents do well in them. Flower covers are mainly used for the cultivation of annual plants and plants that do not need frequent replanting. As with planters, the choice is huge, from a variety of materials, including wood, metal or glass, to forms, shapes and colors. The pot cover often mask a not-so-pretty pot, they are original decorations that decorate houses and apartments, give character to the interior, but above all emphasize the beauty of the plants placed in them.

As you can see, the essential difference between the planter and the pot cover is a hole in the bottom. Plant specialists and breeders indicate that the better choice for planting plants are pots – they ensure proper developing conditions through air ventilation and water level control. The covers should be treated as a decorative element or masking the imperfections of the pot, such as damage or unattractive appearance.

We hope that our article has cleared some doubts, and the selection of “planter or pot cover?”  will not be a problem anymore.

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